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For more information on PQ Controls, manufacturer of mobile hydraulic joysticks, foot pedals, control knobs, linear actuators, level sensors, mobile hydraulic remote controls and electronic controller boards:

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PQ Controls Hydraulic Controllers and Joysticks

Progressive Power & Control sells PQ Controls hydraulic products as listed below:

Single Axis Joysticks

  • Fully enclosed proportional control single-axis joysticks. Potentiometer. Spring return or friction hold.
  • Miniature single axis control paddles with proportional or switched outputs and Hall Effect.
  • Proportional Hall Effect single-axis joysticks with redundaant circuitry
  • Below panel mounted single axis joysticks with proportional control or switched control . Spring return or friction hold.
  • Above panel mounted single axis joysticks. Switched control or proportional control available. Friction hold or spring return joysticks.

Multi-Axis Joysticks

  • Fully enclosed miniature Hall Effect multi-axis joysticks
  • Contactless Hall Effect joystick
  • Switched Bang Bang joystick
  • Inductively coupled joysticks
  • Contactless joysticks with spring return or friction hold

Foot Pedals

  • Proportional Hal Effect foot pedals
  • Full treadle or half treadle
  • Uni-directional foot pedals
  • Bi-directional foot pedals
  • Contactless Hall Effect technology

Control Knobs

  • Rotary Hall Effect control knobs with 175 degree rotation. Fully enclosed. Friction hold.
  • Rotary Hall Effect control knobs with 270 degree rotation. Fully enclosed. Friction hold.

Level Sensors

  • Omni-directional level sensors
  • Single-axis platform levelers
  • Di-axial level sensors
  • Proportional di-axial level sensors
  • Angular display readouts

Linear Actuators

  • Model 750 and 751 linear actuators used in hydraulic systems to operate a valve lever or connected directly to a valve spool.

Remote Controls

  • Handheld remote controls (Model RF 418)
  • Pistol remote controls (Model RF 418 Pistol)

Electronic Control Boards

  • Adjustable valve drive board (Model 504)
  • Programmable valve drive board (Model 509)
  • Adjustable Apitec valve drive board (Model 511)
  • Mini-programmable valve drive board (Model 519)
  • Hardwired input controller board (Model MCB200)
  • Wireless input controller board (Model MCB900)
  • USB connection board
  • CANBus control systems
  • ICS systems